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How to join us

Thank you for your interest to open your pastry shop and join us !

If you don’t have a member account with us yet, follow these steps:

  1. Sign-up for an account
  2. fill in your name, address, phone number, and other details as required in the sign up page
  3. Wait for an email from us to activate your account
  4. In your account page, click this button to open your shop >>

If you already have a member account with us, follow these steps:

  1. Log in into your account
  2. Click this button here to open your shop >>

Once you have a Patisserie account, you can now open your shop !

  1. Log in into your account and click this button to open your shop
  2. Fill in your patisserie’s logo, description, delivery area, and other details as required in the patisserie page
  3. Add items, for each item – use high quality photos, clear name and description, set prices, minimum order, and add notes as necessary
  4. Remember to close shop when you are not taking orders for a time period
  5. Remember to check e-mail often (we highly recommend setting up a smartphone to instantly be alerted of all new e-mails)
  6. Any order notifications, payment notifications, or complaint tickets filed will be e-mailed to you, and is also available at your patisserie page
  7. Kindly notify us immediately should an order require modification, different delivery time, or different arrangements. You can contact us at anytime.
  8. Kindly reply promptly to all complain tickets filed
  9. Customer payment will be received by TF Bank account. We will immediately transfer the amount to you after deduction from commission
  10. Happy Selling !

We are here to assist your shop, contact us for any inquiry, requests, or just to say hi

How do I know if I have incoming orders from customers?

Any order notifications, request for cancellation, or complaint tickets filed will be e-mailed to you, and is also available when you log in into your account in www.tradingflour.com


How about the delivery?

You can set different delivery charges based on location. All those charges will be added to your customer’s purchase.

Check on the illustration below

I am new to the cake business and I don’t know how to delivery my cakes. Help!

Don’t worry, we have TF delivery service available for our partners who need help delivering the goods. You can choose this option in your patisserie account page. On the delivery day, we will send our courier to your place to pick up the cake and then we will deliver it for you.


How do I collect payment?

Payments will be transferred by TF to your bank account (BCA or Mandiri) 24 hour after we received payment from the customer. We allow the customers to make cancellation within 24 hour, so we will hold the payment until we can be sure that the order is valid. The amount that we are going to transfer will be the full payment minus TF commission.

Please input your  Bank Account number in your account page so that we know to whom should we transfer the payment. Don’t worry, we will keep every personal information as confidential.


Are there no costs to opening a shop at TF?

None, opening a shop is completely free. We will only charge 10% commission based on total sales.


What if a customer cancels order?

To make sure that our customers are happy, we allow 24 hour cancellation after payment confirmation from our customer. If the customer cancel the order, we will notify you immediately by email and we will refund the payment to the customer.


I am going to go on travelling and I cannot accept orders. What should I do?

You can close your shop temporarily so that customers cannot order your goods while you are away. Simply log in to your account and click on the “Close Shop”  button .

Once you are back, log in again to your account and click on the “Open Shop”  button to re-open your shop.


I am over capacity and I cannot take any additional orders. How do I stop orders coming in from Trading Flour?

If you cannot accept any more orders, you can close shop. Or if you only want to stop orders for certain items only, you can edit the item in your account page and change the status from Available to Not Available .

Don’t forget to re-open your shop or change the status back to Available once you can take orders normally again.