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About Us

Trading Flour :  A place where traders complete the buying or selling of financial assets i.e. stock and foreign exchange.

Here at Trading Flour we trade cakes, not stock market.

Trading Flour is first founded by two dessert enthusiasts who work at financial industries. As bankers, we believe that trading stock may bring money but trading desserts is a necessity to sweeten the days. We thought, “If only sweets of all kinds were easy to find and buy, then safely delivered to our doorstep…” and so Trading Flour is created.

This is the place where patisseries unite and offer a wide selection of delicious food and gift varieties so that dessert enthusiasts can savor different delicacies from different chefs all at one time.

Our patisseries can do catering for your events too. Let it be Baby Shower, Bachelor/ette party, Holiday celebration, and many others, let your guests be delighted with our beautiful selection of desserts.

Worry no more about what gifts to give for Birthdays, Valentines, or Christmas. Desserts and hampers are always the best gifts someone can offer and receive and there is no lack of sweet deals on those in Trading Flour.

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